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Welcome to AFallenPower's personal wikia! Everything is a free-for-all expect to follow the ToU (Terms of Use), to not post or link stuff that are for people that are 13+, with the exception of cursing and few more that can be seen on this wiki's policies. You can also get bureaucrat and administrator by asking me, AFallenPower.

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    New page: Paddy: Hello both watching and on stage crowd! And welcome to my talk show where I take in fan mail, read them and respond to them! I will also talk...
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    New page: Hello users! I'd like to present to you a wiki I have adopted to hopefully give it a future. It is called the Tom and Jerry Fanon Wiki and as implied...

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    New page: [SpongeBob and Patrick are walking in downtown New Kelp City] SpongeBob: So... why are we walking downtown again? Patrick: Because this walk will...
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    New page: IV. Questions and answersEdit A. General … 2. Do not ask questions irreverent to SpongeBob. Doing so will result in the question being deleted. 3....

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