After Patrick runs away from a robbery, he ends up in Bikini Bottom's High School Locker Rooms.

[Patrick is seen running away with some police cruisers chasing him]

Policeman David: [megaphone] For the last time, stop running!

Policeman 1: That isn't gonna work.

Patrick: No! I want this for an Ice Cream Bowl!

Policeman David: Stop making things predictable. Anyways, Patrick, stop or you'll with your bikini be shot dead!

Policeman 1: You are so stupid to ruin the Bikini Bottom Police reputation as the good guys?

Policeman David: Don't worry, our reputation has already been ruined a long time ago. Anyways, we've got to stop this raper!

Policeman 2: This guy didn't rape someone! He just took the bikini off from a display.

Policeman David: That is the definition!

Policeman 2: I don't want to see what you do at night in your bed...

Policeman 1: Are you like Trump?

Policeman David: That tape is dead. The pussy quote was a fucking joke.

Policeman 2: Jake has a point, if you know what I mean.

Policeman David: Now back to th-

[sees that Patrick isn't in front of them anymore]

Policeman David: I fucking hate you two.

[Patrick is seen running to Bikini Bottom High School, he runs right through the wall and into the hallway]

Patrick: Where should I go?

[He goes into the boys locker room]

Patrick: What is that smell?

Student 1: That is the neutral smell of boys.

Student 2: Don't say that!

Student 1: I hope your girlfriend cheats on you!

Patrick: Why are you showering in the open?

Student 1: Because that what the school fucking want us to do. Also, why do you have a bikini in your hand? If

Student 3: Change your clothes!

Patrick: Bu-

Student 3: Get your uniforms on!

Patrick: Okay! Okay!

[Patrick takes off his pants, but then he starts to get whipped by some boy's towels]

Patrick: Hey! Ouch!

[The boys are laughing. Then Patrick falls onto the heater and some boys start to scream as stream fills the room]

Student 4: How dare you burn by fucking d-

[Patrick is seen closing the door and he goes into the Girls Locker Room. Groaning is heard, then girl screams and Patrick runs out of the room. Then he sees the police.]

Policeman David: Stop.

Policeman Jake: Please.

[Patrick goes into the girl Locker Room again]

Policemen David: Why did we sign up for this job?