• Patrick plays around with shovel, throwing it everywhere and hitting the ground and stuff like that.
  • Squidward tries to stop Patrick, but he gets hit and goes back in
  • Patrick digs and finds a treasure chest
  • Squidward sees what happened and he tries to go sneak into pat's house
  • Spongebob though stops Squidward and says it is unethical to steal the treasure
  • Squidward stays in the house until night, then goes into the house, but he is too weak to lift it, so he tries to dig to it. But he falls in after a bit of digging
  • SpongeBob is awoken by the sound and he goes to Patrick's house to investigate, but he too falls into the hole.
  • The two of them are in a narrow passage that lead to the treasure chest! Squidward then goes to the chest, but a dragon forms out of the sand. They put up a fight, but they get kicked out by the dragon.
  • Patrick is then seen petting the sand dragon and taking the chest.
  • THE END.


  • There was an online game based on this episode published on an online games website.